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That lady is crazy lol but I LOVE Booth’s response. He’s saying Brennan deserves respect because of who she is as a person first- her being his wife is secondary to that. Booth respects Brennan for who she is individually first. Plus, I’ve always loved how proud Booth is of Brennan’s intelligence; it’s so refreshing to see a man who is not intimidated by his partner’s intellect. In fact, he admires her for it and over the years, he has constantly shown how much he loves all of her, including her “beautiful brain” :)

We have like an eye contact thing…..


Bones Writer Emily Silver: From Fan Girl to Fan Fave

Emily silver is so adorable I love her 

Christine Booth at her parents’ wedding (x)

So cute!!!!!

Christine Booth at her parents’ wedding (x)

So cute!!!!!


Comic-Con 2014: Panel | BONES | FOX BROADCASTING


"We look at each other, we gotta tap in. We gotta do this thing." "We have like an eye contact thing. We just know…"

Emily and David | Comic-Con 2014 Panel

Perfect co-stars!

Love this! Booth and Brennan missing each other terribly! 😍


Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz Talk Bones’ Big Changes, Booth’s Beard and a Volatile Marriage Topic


"Describe each other in three adjectives.” - SDCC Bones Panel 2014 (x)